The Light Box

Dear You,

I am lucky enough to be performing in Fat Boy Dancing and we do not happen’s production of ‘The Light Box’ written by Natalia Savvides and directed by James Dalton. This is a brand spanking new Australian work which has previously shown at the Sydney Film Festival in the form of a mind blowing animation. The team as well as the script are untouchable. I am SO excited to be part of this production. There’s spoons and wee and beautiful moments and savage deaths. Quick read this:

The Light Box is a tale of the human need for love, the sacrifices made to achieve this and the often tragic price that must be paid long after such love is consummated.
When Ethel stabs talkative co-worker Annie with a spoon, she sets off a chain of events that will bring both women face to face with the past.  Ethel’s mother Lesley left the family after a torrid affair with a toucan; her father never recovered.  Now a grown woman.
Ethel’s violence lands her in an institution where she is watched over by The Man Made of Spoons, a genial if bumbling psychiatrist.  While in confinement, Ethel receives regular visits from a cleaner, and as their tentative friendship blossoms to romance, she begins to understand why her mother may have sacrificed so much for love.
Meanwhile Annie tries to heal herself by rekindling an old relationship and forming a new one at the same time, but this risky endeavour will have fatal consequences for her.  While Annie seems destined to repeat the mistakes of her past, will Ethel be able to escape the weight of her own history?
– From the Fat Boy Dancing Site

Incredible right? Well guess what. YOU CAN HELP US. The production has a Pozible campaign – we are $500 off our $2K goal. We have 16 days to go. Donate a little, donate a lot. Please donate. Your money will be going directly to the realisation of incredible costume and set designs and other important aesthetic necessities pertaining to this production. And we have prizes. Actual rewards – not just eternal thanks… although you get that too. Original art, serenading – you need to head to our page dig as deep as you can.

Our thanks really is eternal.

The details for the show as well as the beautiful trailer can be found below.

More soon.

Tom x

ImageFat Boy Dancing and we do not unhappen present
The Light Box
By Natalia Savvides

107 Projects, Redfern
10 – 28 July, 2013
Photograph by Harvey House.

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