‘I know you’re going to love her… She is three dimensional. And I’d love to see you play three-dimensional after those last three, four…’
– James

It’s time.

This has been a long time coming, but it is FINALLY time to let this information spew from my proverbial text hole. It may sting a little but I’m totally ready. So. If you have been reading this blog you will know that this project has been in the pipelines since the very beginning of 2011. It began with a vino filled convo on Dan’s floor in Elizabeth Bay and has now come full circle and is really happening (no but it’s really happening) foorrr rrreeaall.

The New What Next (Me, Jen and Soph) and Left of Centre (Tim, Dan and Jess) present Mark Ravenhill’s ‘Product’ playing at the 2011 Sydney Fringe Festival! So most importantly – if you don’t know who Mark Ravenhill is. Click the hyperlink, learn and love.

So, what is ‘Product’ you ask? Why is Tom in a lifesized Barbie box, you ask? Well.
You best be reading the following. Stat.

When Amy, a 9/11 Widow, falls in love with an al-Qaeda terrorist, it forces her to question everything she’s known to be true in this world. Far fetched you say? Major sponsor ‘Versace’ doesn’t think so. And neither does James, a verbally dexterous Film Producer, who is pitching this willbeblockbuster to ‘flavour of the month’ film actress Olivia.
What makes ‘The New What Next’ and ‘Left of Centre’ unique is there approach and philosophy to theatre making for the independent sector in Sydney. All original members of the companies are multi-skilled in performance, devising, creating, producing; everyone knows what is is to mop the theatre floor. We refuse to be like so many emerging artists that hold their hand out because they feel that 3 years of training has earned them a career. ‘Left of Centre’ aims to support the community that has inspired them, by generating work for themselves and for others who share this philosophy.

Excited? You don’t even know the half of it. If you think this is going to be another ‘quite funny dark grey comedy with a tall guy in it’ you are only half right. I’m tall. ‘Product’ is a theatrical experience like you have  never seen before. I’m not gonna give too much away, but this show is gonna blow your mind, your pants off and then inevitably… you. Mega mega exciting. Lights annnnd… Action.

Here all the official deets etc.:

WHAT: ‘Product’ by Mark Ravenhill for The Sydney Fringe
WHEN: Sep 13 – 17th, 2011
WHERE: Seymour Downstairs – The Reginal Theatre
HOW MUCH: Adults = $25
DURATION: 50 Minutes

So. You want to help and support the project? Well, bless you, firstly, and secondly, this is how you do that: Mr. Hunter Esq. has set up a Pozible page. Pozible are a fantastic company that facillitate monies that are to be donated to companies and groups of people who need the cash (uh… that’s us in a big way).

You set the monetary goal (in our case we set a goal of $AU2500) and then get people to chuck you dosh, digitally via the site. We only get the money if we make our target – if we don’t, the site keeps the money. We are currently sitting just under 1K and have about 30 days left to make the cash. So, please click HERE to give us a $2.50 and donate to a cause that you love and to people who love you. There are prizes and incentives to make you give us more – 30 winners have already contributed (jewels to you). Sexy dance at your house if you chuck us more than $100. We can do it, but only if you dig deep and tell ALL your friends. Post the link on your Facebook site and Twitter – it really really helps!

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. But don’t forget to check out my Das 500 article written by mega talented literary vixen Ms. Kate White, it talks about my work, product and the current artistic landscape for young and emerging artists in the country. It’s a beautiful piece and can be found HERE. Machine Atlas and the GaGa blog will be coming to you very shortly with some more details about my hour long FBi interview for ‘Out of The Box’ and some super exciting performance opportunities coming up with Shopfront for Mardigras 2012 ‘Party’ and ‘Fair Day’ events. Yay! Very exciting.

Oh – and here are the other marketing images, taken by the dashing Alex Cooper. This photoshoot was ridiculously fun. I want to be burried in faux-packaging.


 Much love to you all,


Tom x

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