Video Blog #2: The Musical


There you have it. My second video blog in all it’s hair covered, fat rolled, 90s, pop glory. This was a big project and deserves some words. I have to thank the incredible women who helped me shape and realise this somewhat disgusting and morally bankrupt vision. Roxy Read, who I met in Year 12 at Wavell State in Brisvegas, is a recently Sydney based comedian, actor and model. Rox and I have been meaning to write and film something for ages so this abomination is going to be the first in a series of web-based videos we will be releasing through the year. Moist. Rox was key storyboard artist and camera-woman extraordinaire. Soph is always my gal Friday when it comes to making and her costume design (the hair suit is off the heazy yo) and camera handling skills as well as her presence were all essential in the success of what you just saw. Lastly, but certainly not least by any stretch of the imagination, thanks and kisses to Blu MC from The Potbelleez! You are our gypsy lady, we love you (and good luck with the shoot in Japan!!) The dedication and fabulousity of my team meant that we could shoot the video over a day and a half and I could edit it frantically in the wee hours of the morning in between rehearsals for your hot, wet, little eyes. Haus of Christo represent.

UPDATES: So. Importantly. I WON TICKETS TO GAGA NOT 5 MINUTES AFTER THIS VIDEO WAS UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE!! I kid you not. I uploaded the clip at the same time as receiving a call from Matt at Vodafone – bless, who got his face screamed off by moi whilst I hysterically explained how Top40 was attempting to ruin me psychologically by awarding tickets to… not me. He understood. I laughed a lot (lack of sleep) and demanded Matt tell me everything. This is everything (in a ruddy big nutshell): Me and a friend (the Shaylen – duh) win tickets to the concert PLUS pre-drinks at Marble Bar before the show – they scripted the email with the delicacy of a small lace weaving Grandmother but basically we think there is gonna be a meet and greet with Mother herself, they say dress to impress and Monster surprise a lot. Then the show, then the after party back at Marble Bar – yes, we will be on Motherwatch. Then we stay the night in the Hilton – drink too much champagne and dance, dance, dance, with our hands, hands, hands, above our heads, heads, heads (like Jebus said). Soph and I are in the midst of creating a Chanel suit his and hers hair creation to wear on the night. It’ll be good. Real good. They SPECIFICALLY state that meat products will not be permitted into the venue (damn) so this is the next best thing. We will document the whole thing like freaks and there will be a drunken, pink jeweled blog for you in a couple of weeks. Oh. Yes. Thank you times a billion to everyone who voted for me. You made my dreams come true in a very gushy-at-the-prom manner – which I appreciate tenfold.

The shot that won it for us:

'Government Hooker' - Photography by Sophie Haylen, 2011

Secondly, Machine Atlas is whirring like a small steel, modem fan – here is a little ad I knocked up for the Kogarah Leader for the Term 3 Machine Atlas themed workshops!

We are a week out from intensive rehearsals, have crawled around the space, moved into the last part of our character development and are starting to see a show. It’s gonna be breathtaking. Here are the deets in a nifty writeup Lowdown did for us. I can’t wait for you to all see it. It’s a free event and totally appropriate for the whole famdamily. Check out a small exercise we did about a month ago at the beginning of a rehearsal (beautifully filmed by Sasha Cohen – our resident film maker and video artist).

Whilst you have your eyes in, check out the posters I designed which will be turned into banners which will be displayed down the main drag in Kogarah. Grouse huh?! Check out mah Cable Crown – clickenzee to embigenzee.



Last of all ‘Product’ rehearsals are also exploding all up in everyone’s business. Watch this space for a very sexy poster which is hot off the press and… just hot. There will also be a ‘Product’ blog explaining more about our Fringe show. But in the meantime, watch the video blog again.

You know you want to – freak out a friend and show it to them too. They’ll thank you later in a non verbal, slightly catatonic fashion. Gonna strive to keep this short, I want it video-heavy (ooh, call Punwatch).

I think that’s about it. I’m on a Joan Rivers binge. Back to ‘Fashion Police’ I go.

Love youse,

Tom x

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