Dolling Does Dangerous

Dear you,

Have been meaning to post this for a while but have kept on forgetting, which is lovely, because now it gets its own post. Which it damn well deserves. Alice Dolling, colleague, maker and fellow gypsy has made another wonderous creation in paint, of the tall one. Since I posted the first Bride Party painting that was created a feel I should post the last. I honestly blushed when I saw it – not because I haven’t been drawn or painted before… I went to art school, I’m pretty sure we had all reproduced each other in every medium (often naked) before the end of first year – but because it was probably the closest I have every come to understanding how other people, particularly Alice, see me. And that is a scary if not mystifying idea. It made me feel humble and funny and embarrassed and loved all at the same time. That’s cool, y’know? Here it is. I love it. Not because it’s of me or because of the prown but because Alice made it and I think she’s the fucking business.

'Faggito Prown' by Alice Dolling 2011

In my next video blog I promise you GaGa cover debauchery. It’s gonna be disgusting.

I love you (but not like that, or that – yeah like that),

Tom x

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Actor. Artist. Atrocity.
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2 Responses to Dolling Does Dangerous

  1. dollingggggg says:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx its yours. collect from upper sturt any time i love you

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