Video Blog #1 – The Super Edition

Boys and Girls,

Please take your freshly sharpened HB pencils and a fresh sheet of Kraft paper from the ream holders, you’ll need to take notes. I give to you: the debut video blog for, full of jewels, treats and swearing. Featuring yours truly discoursing over what’s hot, what’s not and other. complete. rot.

You learn some things when you video blog.

Today I learn that I say super way too much (hence ‘The Super Edition’).

Ok I promise that there will be less… or possibly more swearing in the next one. In the video I have listed a few appendages, which can be found below the clip. They are in order.

I had lots of fun making this, so I hope you have lots of fun watching it. Video responses are welcomed with open arms and the threat of a Photo booth (for Mac) challenge at the ready. I’ve just come back from ‘Bat For Lashes’, she sang to me, my favourite line from ‘Daniel’ and danced and sang like a gypsy queen. Really great stuff.

Ok, I go. Sorry about the lateness but it’s worth it.

Tom x

  • The Das500 archives and online journal can be found HERE.

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3 Responses to Video Blog #1 – The Super Edition

  1. dollingggggg says:

    i watch this one with you twin, we like, especially when you exercise and give us jewel. we are proud of your big news and want video blog every day. please.
    bye anita.

  2. Loving the video blog – nice one ! Great to see you are doing so well (not surprising though as you are FABULOUS )

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