Bride Party

Check out Alice Dolling‘s new work of herself, myself and fellow Gypsies at Salome’s 19th Bride Party, back in Radelaide. Basically Rob’s Mum was given a rack of vintage/designer wedding dressed with water damage. Add Passion Pop, jewel rings, disposable cameras and you get Bride Party, now with 83% more impaling. I also turned into Jenny the PA, a dress strap may have suggestively fallen down whilst I was taking employer details and getting a massage from el Lobo. There was also a Black Swan mega sparkler death ritual/liturgical dance on the oval up the road (in Vera Wang rip off peach Brides Maid’s dress). Good times.

'Bride Party' by Alice Dolling 2011

About T o m C h r i s t o p h e r s e n

Actor. Artist. Atrocity.
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