Attn: Make Yourself Uneasy/ Part 1: Fringes and Secrets

Gypsies, Nonnas and Thieves,

Today’s the day when the guilt of not blogging – having been building up for many days now, forces me to perform a super clean on the bottom floor of our townhouse before colour coding small kitchen utensils in a draw I cleaned out so I didn’t have to blog. But I did this and now having satisfied my urge to neaten so as not to have to type about my shit, I guess I should just type about my shit. How’s my convoluted sentence structure? Call 1800 – it’s just how it’s gonna be ok?

What first? Where did I leave you? Somewhere after the Sooky La-La incident if my memory serves me correctly. I haven’t blogged in a while for a lot of reasons: I’ve been busy, I haven’t been busy, my computer has taken on the personality of a dementia ridden 97-year-old, I’ve been too happy, sad, broken, away or unconscious. But now it’s time friends. I’m reading all the short stories Roald Dahl wrote and sent into Playboy before he gave children’s writing a gaff. It’s amazing and filthy and called ‘Switch Bitch’. I’m listening to old Ministry of Sound compilations and having strange flashbacks to the house in Dulwich. Occasionally I can see Liz smashing down a corridor with armfuls of art supplies and tulle or Alice doing that amazing weird ass leg dance she does so well to Devo in the longue room.

Basically, and I’m not alone in saying this, I’m fucking bored and freaked out and don’t really know what to do. This after university blues is not quite like any other post blues I have encountered. I’m doing stuff, you have to do stuff right? It’s what they tell you to do – stuff. You get money for the stuff and eventually start winning. Things are happening (you will hear about them soon), but really I don’t know what I’m doing and I will continue to stumble through the darkness with my paintbrushes and silver shoe laces until something really great sticks. Right?

Speaking of something really great (I excel at segways), we wrapped up the season of Stop, Drop & RAW ’11 at Shopfront. The season of works showcased the groups didactic theatrical and visual responses to a range of topics and issues that effected young people. It was touching, hilarious, strange, scary and RRROOOAAARRR. I came in 2 hours before the preview and with thanks to the wonderful Jane Grimley – Lighting Designer and Season Associate Director in conjunction with the amazing Michael Pigott, I was teching (SX, LX, AV, TV Mon.) by myself the following night. It was hectic, but fun. Here’s where I lived, it was kinda like the Bat Cave:

Tom's House during RAW.

 So after the season for RAW (it was 4 days) I bumped out/ got the hell out of the theatre and returned to the Leichhardt place. Shopfront have also asked me to do some other things since. I will be participating in the Machine Atlas Ensemble for about 8 weeks, which will be a fantastic opportunity to work with some really wonderful mentors and develop some work. I’m also going to be running an art space at Shopfront’s AGM in a couple of weeks with fellow winbag Jenna Hutton. There are going to be permanent textas, overhead projectors and more crafty things than you can point a pipe cleaner at.

What else? Me and Soph have been going to workshops at the old Studio 505, in Hibernian House, which are run by Michael P. The workshops are largely movement based and work on the actor being present on stage. It’s fantastic and really necessary because… deep breath… we are going to be doing a Fringe Show. Yes. But not just any Fringe Show, we:

Daniel Hunter: Director
Jenna Hutton: Assistant Director
Sophie Haylen and myself: Cast
Jess Wallace: Producer
Tim Burns: Tech Operation/SM

– are going to be putting on a Ravenhill show. We aren’t telling which one yet, BUT, it’s going to be huge. It will be the debut performance of Dan and Jess’ theatre company and The New What Next’s second (but more official) show after debuting at Short + Sweet earlier this year. The application is in on Sunday, then we wait to hear, then there will be more news. But that’s something right? It’s super exciting and until we hear we will all wait with breath baited in the driver’s seat of our Mercedes’ parked on a crowded Hollywood street, eyes aglaze and our wrists looking sus, ala Mischa Barton. We have to wait to get the go ahead from the Fringe committee to start planning anything real. At the moment there are lots of production meetings and phone calls and reference images and music playing but it will be nice once, as a theatre family, we sit down at the table and in unison sink our sharpened fangs into the little blighter. Here is one of our reference images, which I found of ffffound, guess what show it is yet?? (You never will – cue maniacal laugh and bats).

But wait there’s more! I have a new idea for a new series of paintings involving the Meat Wolf – a hallucination that got right out of hand in Adelaide. I’m also working at the moment with emerging artist Alice Williams who is developing a season for her piece ‘The Seagull’. You should have a read of her press release. It’ll be coming to you (hopefully at the Old Fitz) quite soon. I’ll have more deets for you, you can’t miss it. Alice Williams and Alice Cooper (of Clown Lights Stage fame and notoriety) are close friends so you can only imagine how fantastically dry and amazing the seagull if you know anything of Ms. Clown and her debauchery. Brill. Here’s some stuff:

The Seagull is a medium to large seafaring bird with an intuitive sense of direction, and hollow bones. She is also an aspiring actress. She takes us through the soaring highs and shitty lows of a young gull’s journey towards the stage. A young bird grappling with the relationship between nature and art. She may fly into a few windows, but when it comes to naturalism, it turns out that, well, the seagull is in fact a natural.

 The Seagull is a flighty comedy about human limitation and the search for freedom through one’s craft,  a bird brained performance that will take your breath away, turn it into wind and put it under your wings.

Dates and more info to come very soon. 

Alice Williams performing in an earlier run of 'The Seagull'.

And finally, I want out of Australia. Sophie and I are hatching some sort of master plan that will catapult us through time and space to Europe where we will stay with friends forgotten and generally set fires to various dance floors in Berlin and Eastern Europe. I need it, y’hear? I love Australia, but it’s uncle licking time. As you can see there is stuff happening. And it’s fantastic. But it’s all in early stages and I’m feeling all stoopid and need something else. I know in 4 months I’ll be doing 4 projects at once and will be complaining (via this blog, no doubt) about how effing busy I am and how stressed everything is making me. But really, I’m most happy when I don’t have time to distress about my shit. I need to be making 24/7. I need to be doing. Talk is cheap and a girl has to eat. Me and Soph are going to see Datarock tonight. There will be much Fa-Fa-ing and pelvic grinding in the OAF which will be nice. We also just got tickets to see Bat For Lashes at the Opera House for VIVID 11 Festival. Very exciting. Almost too exciting really. I need more furniture for my room, my brain is filled with random time frames for skeletons of shows and fun facts about the Alexander McQueen dress Kate Middleton wore when she said yes to baldy.

 Darcy and I watch Daily Show clips about Bin Laden’s death and I feel equal parts bewildered and equal parts worried about the state of the world. I paint my hands holding different things, jewels, paper planes and digital alarm clocks. I find that when I sit down to do something practical it very quickly becomes a series of short sentances about how I like to paint my hands and feel worry about the world.

I would like a fish with fat cheeks to talk to. I’ll call him Amadeus or Valerie.

There’s my stuff. Sorry about the weird delivery but that’s just how it came out I guess. I hope you guys are well, busy, warm and giggly.

Remember that time we broke into the Audi and drank all the Solo?? That was badass. Almost as badass as this:

Tom x

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