Stop, Drop & RAW

Hey gang,

So I’m back in Sydney! Being home feels good. New chapter, new start. Just moved into my new digs in Leichhardt. Procrastinating lots, I kinda feel like I have spent the last year packing and unpacking all my shit into 16 boxes. It started being really soul-destroying but now I am some sort of packing gun. I can officially pack my life up in 4 hours. It’s haphazard but transportable. Necessary.

So, also, on Wednesday I went to Shopfront and worked with the cast of Stop, Drop & RAW. A new season of self devised, multi disciplinary theatre works, created by young people. The group was great and I had so much fun with them. We had a round table chat and discussed the visual impact/ message we wanted to send. Re-shot a draft pic in a more professional photo shoot setting (in the dungeon!) and then I worked with a select few, (whilst everyone else was rehearsing) getting the Photoshop and layout optioning on. I spent the last part of the night finishing up the advertising and putting the finishing touches on the eFlier, poster and logo.

And here ’tis!

Stop, Drop & RAW poster designed by myself and the cast.

We are all super proud and happy with the finished result. All the deets are hyperlinked at the top of the page. Book a ticket and get along lil’ doggy. It’s gonna be bizarre, engaging and of course RRROOOAARRR. More exciting things are happening this week. Have a meeting on Sunday about a new comedy show that is a big surprise til further notice… but I can’t keep secrets so you’ll probably hear about it next blog.

One more thing, if you weren’t in Adelaide or decided that your night was better spent at Arcade Lane (pfff) you can see the video of ‘Funk Ward’ live at the Cranka HERE (thanks to the wonderful Coedy Marwood for filming the set AND dancing). We had so much fun, Clipsal bogans actually ‘danced’ to ‘Tricky’ (mega hilarious).

It’s time to put the computer down and run around in the sun some more. Forget Facebook – I’ll see you kids in the street.

Love and a blue jewel,

Tom x

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2 Responses to Stop, Drop & RAW

  1. Clodagh says:

    Welcome back to Sydney Tom !

  2. saskia says:

    Great work on the flyer Tom. Love it! Glad you had a blast. See ya real soon . . . Secret will out 😉

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