Hey gang,

Gah. Have been wanting to blog for a while but have been so super busy. ‘Clown Lights Stage’ is now in full swing. Alice and I have now performed two shows and are super excited for the rest of the season. This experience has been a challenge, but so rewarding. The learning curve was severe but priceless. The other night I fell asleep standing up whilst completing publicity craft duties. I have never been involved in the Fringe with a project that requires me to not perform (on stage). The amount of work that goes into publicity and promotions around the 2 weeks that the Fringe is on is actually insane. You can spot the publicists in the mall, they have toner stains on their fingers and mostly all sport the ‘I haven’t slept for a week and a half and I’m staying in Blackforest on my cousin’s floor’ crazy eyes that I have come to know well over the past week. This is the average day when you are producing/operating for a Fringe show:

  • Wake up before 11am (hard when you spent the previous night ‘networking’ hard on the dance floor of the Artist’s Bar til closing).
  • Go into the city and complete ‘Fringe Caravan’ duties (the caravan is literally that, parked in the centre of the mall that allows artists to perform for 10/15 minute grabs  of their shows so that some sort of buzz can be generated and the audience can be spruked by the savage producers who are hungry for blood and ticket stubs).
  • Hang around the mall convincing people you have never met that your show is actually going to make lots of wee come out (at least 2hrs+ if you want to make some sort of impact).
  • Go to the Garden and do above mentioned soul prostituting –
  • Cram down a rather expensive sandwich down your gullet and wash it down with the biggest energy drink you can carry.
  • Go to the theatre and prepare for the show.
  • Do the show flawlessly (operate a follow spot, sound desk, light desk and 2 laptops – at the same time… Alice has begun to call me ‘The Tech Experience’).
  • Stalk and follow audience members who have come to a show after yours at the same venue and charm them, til it hurts.
  • Get your ass to a show – you like theatre remember?
  • Go back to the Garden (drink a lot/spruke more).
  • Dance to something by Fleetwood Mac with people you have known for 12 years.
  • Go home to not your house and pass out somewhere cool.
  • Rinse, repeat (repeat, repeat, repeat).

It’s crazy. But I love it. I think I have appreciated Adelaide a lot more on returning for this gig. Although I’ve been going non stop, I have also had some amazingly relaxed times in the hills, laying on the deck watching clouds and drawing pictures of my friends. Seeing my sister and my Mum has been amazing also, I missed them much more than I told myself I didn’t. The vibe in and around the city is exciting, people are hungry for art and more people are hungry to give it to them.

We have shows @ 6.30pm from Monday to Thursday, one show @ 9pm on Friday and 2 shows on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 5pm. There are $10 RUSH ticket prices available to winbags who book early. BOOK. Come and see what the big deal is about, if you have a show, Al and I will try and make it. If you dance for me, I may give you a comp.

On Thursday I’m going back to my High School (Unley HS) to talk to the Year 11 Design students. I’m going to have a chat about critical and professional pathways for arts students and my own practice (werd). My highschool art teacher is excited, I am too… But it’s gonna be really weird. The smell of that place actually drags me back to the days of small, grey, ill-fitting shorts and Chicken Royales.

Lastly, the pics from the f o u r w o r d s Arcade Lane Party arrived. They look amazing. Thanks heaps to Amber and the gang as well as the photographers who documented the night (CNTWLL, W.W.M.D & Ella Germain). These guys installed my work and spread the word like wildfire. You guys rock. Moar you. Check out the work. I’m loving how the pieces turned out and how they integrated with the space. I ❤ Muntbags.

f o u r w o r d s
Arcade Lane #1 Party
19th February 2011
8pm – late 

I think that’s about it. If you can’t make it to Adelaide to see the show, there should be an exciting announcement in the next couple of weeks about a new comedy show that I may be involved with. Good things are happening with good people. I am an arts machine. Hear me watercolour.

I miss my Sydney people but I’m still having too much fun. I will return with an even further broken body clock and a sparkle in my (left) eye real soon. Then we can go to that place you like and order that thing you want. Ok?

Jewels to the Gypsies,

Tom x

P.S. Also, Dan Hunter (handsome jerk) has a new WEBSITE. You should all check him out. He acts, moves heavy things, organises real good and looks way better in a shirt and vest combo that you do. In short he is extremely good business.

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