Clown, Lights and Stage = f o u r w o r d s

Hey gang,

If you haven’t been reading the updates on Facebook they you don’t know that there is a) a lot of business going on at the moment and b) a lot of exciting things that I am involved with for you to come and see. We wrapped up ‘Shotgun The Balcony’ – our Short+Sweet (Week 6) performance on Sunday night. We were awarded 3rd place in the Judges Choice Awards which was a massive surprise and an honour. We had a blast, made new friends and definately put the fear of God in every Real Estate Agent that came to see the show. Below are some quotes from a couple of reviews:

Excerpt from review by Leisa Woodman from

‘A portrait of a typical Sydney situation, the crazy sharehouse.  Some interesting and original staging with video game motifs and the requsite intense isolation and conflict portrayed well.  A great cast of young performers and a twist at the end.’

Stef Funnel, Tom Christophersen and Mairead Berne in 'Shotgun The Balcony'.

 Excerpt from the Short+Sweet website:

‘Third place at Newtown Theatre last week was one of the “What the f—k?” plays of the festival to date: Shotgun the Balcony. As one real estate agent who attended the show was heard to remark – “Loved the play but I’m not renting a property to them!” Performed by Tom Christophersen, Mairéad Berne and Stefanie Funnell and presented by Ferne Productions in conjunction with The New What Next, this manic tale of crazy share houses and even crazier housemates, with a sting in its tale, was devised by the company and directed by Sophie Haylen.’

Tonight the Sydney preview season for the incredible one woman show I am producing and operating for opens. ‘Clown Stage Lights’ features the amazingly funny Alice Cooper and is not to be missed. Come and taste the show… literally… before we take it to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival. You’ll like it. It’s wrong in the rightest way.

Last but not least. On Saturday night I am exhibiting new installation work at the f o u r w o r d s Laneway Party. See the poster below for details. Stuff is for sale, so if you want an opportunity to have some amazing original art in your house/nest/studio then get down there (if you are in Adelaide) and buy some stuff, dance and then have some disgusting wasted looking photos taken of you and your deaf posse. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the images:

'Suck It And See #1' by Tom Christophersen, Digital Razor Poster, 2011

It’s gonna go off the heazy. They have catering.

I’m a busy boy. But I’m a happy busy boy. Are you happy? Busy? Where are you? Come and see/buy/engage with some stuff. It’s good stuff. Promise.

Til next time,

Exquisite fine jewels to you,

Tom x

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