Short + Sweet (and Pants)

Hey gang,

New year. New start. New stuff. I think I’ve finally recovered the sleep I lost in December of ’10. That was rough. Rewarding but rough. I’ve kicked the new year off with a couple of new projects that I’m super excited about. The first is ‘Shotgun The Balcony’, a play that myself and three of my very talented friends are creating for Short + Sweet 2011 at the Newtown Theatre. We are in the middle of some really interesting stuff. We originally began with exploring the theme of ‘share house living’. Needless to say issues of ownership, territory, secrets, lies, manipulation and lust arose after 40 mins on the floor. The piece is collage based and is basically going to rock your socks off. See below for more info and how to book ticccckkkeettsss!

Do you like who you live with?
Do you like yourself, where you live?
Tell me your secrets and I promise I’ll hold them against you.
I’ll watch, I’ll even laugh.
Don’t you like to laugh at yourself?
You should, you’re really funny.
So come on in, pull up a chair and meet the Missus, mind the roaches.
Sit back and share.
I’ll show you I care.

SHOTGUN THE BALCONY! You owe me $4.70 and watch your head. I can hear your vibrator… but why always my good shoes? That doesn’t go there when you leave the milk out. It’s not my week for garbage and I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS. Kiss me! Really, it’s not so hard is it?

It’s just about sharing.

‘Shotgun The Balcony’ – Short + Sweet 2011
A ten miute play
Directed by Sophie Haylen

Written by and featuring: Mairead Berne, Stef Funnell and Tom Christophersen

Newtown Theatre, Week 6: Wednesday February 9th to Sunday February 13th, Wed to Sat at 8.15pm, Sun 5.15pm


Come and see 10 short plays for a very reasonable price, have a drink after the show and we can be schmoozy in Newtown (again).

The other thing which I am involved in at the moment is this really cool project happening through General Pants Co. Australia. It’s an initiative called ‘The Bubble’, an online databank where artists/film makers/musicians can submit works which are then voted on by the public. The most popular works are chosen and the artist’s work(s) is/are either: turned into installation art to be used in the interior design of a General Pants store, exhibited with all costs paid by Gen. Pants or will be printed on a season of apparel. It’s a fantastic opportunity. I’ve submitted 6 works (sneak peak in the image left of this text, yo) and need you to get to work recommending them, ploise.

Here’s what you have to do. Go to THIS address and sign up. It’ll be quick and painless I promise, then basically recommend the absolute fandango out of my shiznit. Please take the time to do this, the more recommendations a piece receives the further it’s digital circulation goes. We need to get it snowballing, people. You can send emails to your friends asking them to recommend a work you like (hint) and see some interesting work from emerging artists around Australia. Jump on the site and help make my dream of painting anti-fashion-high-gloss-sexually-driven-pear-vomitting-women onto a corporate clothing store a reality. But a tshirt line would be cool too you know, I’m not fussy.

I reckon that’s about it. What are you folks all doing? Drop me lines and comments and fill me in. I miss you. Jewels to you all.

More soon,

Tom x

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