Merry merry (happy happy)

Seasons Greetings gang,

Hope your silly seasons have been nice, food comas have been induced and ill-fitting badly chosen t-shirts have been gifted and then paraded. Just thought I’d come update the blog – the last one for ’10. What a year. I can’t wax lyrical about it yet because it’s too fresh still, but soon there will be a post where we look back with nostalgia and limpid eyes.

In the meantime here’s some stuff for you to look at. ‘Attempts’ got reviewed, read the whole thing HERE or check out the awesome wrap I got below:

‘There were only a few men in the company, with an exceedingly good performance shining through from Tom Christophersen, who was perhaps the only member of the company demonstrating a strong talent for both voice and physicality in his performance. His presence was utterly charming and I found when he was on stage I simply couldn’t look away.’ – Patt Howard

The show was fantastic. I still have sleep to catch up on. We worked our shins, elbows and others to the bone and quite frankly, went out with a fucking bang. We also got glossed, below is my double page spread (not that kind you sicko).

From the AADA 2010 Graduation Handbook - Designed by Gabriel Clark

Next year = Short And Or Sweet, a joint exhibition, Paper Moose, Kids shows and The Labyrinth Project. Don’t get it? Neither do I. But keep checking back and you will one day I guess.

And also, go and check the Production Shots and Theatre sections of this digital warehouse. There have been elves. They have been updating to the stoic beat of a boar skin drum hit by yours truly. Don’t get too drunk on New Year’s – Field Day is the next day remember. Oh, Ok go on. I like all your faces quite a lot.

Tom x

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