Attempts On Her Everything

Hey y’all,

3 weeks. 3 weeks! No but seriously, 3 weeks until we finish, perform, amaze and shimmy our way across the Pilgrim in our very last production, Martin Crimp‘s ‘Attempts On Her Life‘. There is a Facebook Page which you need to LIKE (like a fox) and a Facebook Event that you need to RSVP to. When you’ve done that, watch our amazing trailer filmed by the talented guys at AimTV.

Alice Harvey, Tom Christophersen and Tamara Patrick in 'Mum and Dad'. Photography by Ash Wells.

The blog is getting updated all the time. So check it yo. Also, click HERE to book tickets through the AIM website. 10 days of school left. The count down has started. Hope to see you all very soon.

Tom x

P.S. Here is the eFlier for you to save with all the relevant info concerning the show. Sorry this blog is short and sweet, I am trapped in some sort of artistic whirlwind where everything (colours in particular) moves very fast and I can only move forward, step by step with trepidation, lunacy and a buzzing sort of excitement akin to pre-show nerves… all the time. One step at a time. One. Step. At. A. Time.

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