Sometimes I am reminded why I live in Sydney.

Sometimes I get to go to the new Audrey Kawasaki exhibition in Surry Hills, meet the artist (who is like, my total favourite if you don’t know yo) and see her new body of work… which is equal parts of amazing and astounding. Picked up a Mark Ryden book too at Outre, which although was a drunk impulse buy, was a total win. If you don’t know Mark’s work. Get on it, HERE.

Phylicia, Audrey Kawasaki and myself at Outre Gallery, Surry Hills.

In other fabulous news. ‘Together ALONE ALONE Together’ completely sold out the season! The shows were brilliant and the cast and creatives were given some really great feedback from audience members who came out in the pouring rain to see some new, high calibre pants-down-good theatre. To all those people, I say, you win. Although my Shopfront placement is now over, the relationship I forged with the company is the beginning of something very special me thinks. I had a blast, made friends and danced to Justin Bieber, which is neither here nor there (but a little bit fun).

Next up, ‘Attempts On Her Life’! The graduating and final show from the class of 2010. What is ‘Attempts On Her Life’ you ask? Well luckily our fabulous dramaturg/ensemble member Danielle Maas has written some words on the matter:

‘…Attempts on Her Life is a seminal and brilliant meditation on the notion of perspective – how we look at the world, objects that help us to view or experience the world, and the idea that opinions have begun to override fact as the basis of truth. The human experience is increasingly becoming defined by our views on concepts, ideas and events, rather than our relationships to other human beings. Through our simultaneous dialogue with a range of objects and a singular object – Anne – we discover that reality is now relative.’

Excited yet? I am. I’d book if I wasn’t in it. No seriously. Do it.

Love you fools,

Tom x

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