Je m’appelle La Chapelle


This week saw me crossing off basically the number one thing on my bucket list. I (with the gorgeous and talented Sophie Haylen) was photographed by the spectacularly amazing David La Chapelle as part of the launch of the new Nokia N8 smart phone. No, I’m not bullshitting, yes I almost had a stroke from excitement. But. Let me put it in some of context for you.

On Monday I saw that on the Nokia Facebook they were running a competition where you could enter to win a shoot with La Chapelle in Melbourne at the Imagin8 Studios. They also said that the man would be at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay from 1 – 6pm taking pictures of the public. It was on the news. I rang Soph, we researched the main colours in the set and basically began planning our outfits with such gusto and excitement that  even Joan Rivers would have avoided us. It wasn’t a matter of IF (by God I was going to get that photo if it killed me) but WHEN. I had a full on day and pulled a dodge with my lunch break. We rocked up at the rocks in high fashion, pink tulle and checkered flannies to find that we were one of the few couples actually looking to be photographed. I couldn’t believe our luck.

So we swamped the Nokia ‘Brand Ambassadors’ and basically forced them to nominate us to get photographed. Before we knew it we were on a stage being interviewed by a very tan man in 3/4 khakis about how excited we were about being shot by La Chapelle. I don’t actually remember what I said, the nerves were incredible. Before we knew it we were being made up by the MAC girls (I was given whore red lipstick and very red cheeks… sort of like some high fashion Victorian doll). And then, there he was, in all his Los Angeles splendidness. We met him (he was amazing and instantly said that he wanted to a ‘reverse domestic abuse set up’ with us… we were so in) and he asked us to pick one out of three domestic open air sets in front of us. Of course we chose the kitchen as we had coordinated our outfits around the teal cupboards. Soph instantly picked up a chair which prompted La Chapelle to scream ‘YES! GET HIM!!’ and then it was on like Kong (Level 9). We screamed so loud that all photographers from the media crowded around us as they thought someone was being killed. The shoot went for about 20 mins, it ended with La Chapelle, his lighting team and ourselves pissing ourselves laughing. It was honestly one of the funnest and most amazing things I have had the pleasure to experience.


Here is the shot and the behind the scenes pics taken by the extremely well dressed Nokia team. I’m researching block mounting prices… and wall stickers. Amazing.

Sophie in makeup.

Me in makeup.

Our beautiful kitchen set with the harbour in the background.

La Chapelle taking our shot.

The shot!

 After the shot we basically sat down on the ground and cried and laughed hysterically. Florence and the Machine’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’ came on over the loud speakers and we frolicked (with faces full of make up and floor length tulle) and recounted the events that had conspired again and again in our heads. Wow.

Tom x

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  1. The Katie says:

    LOVE… and licks – for the flamingos, you understand.


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