Crimped (not straightened)


Lots of things are happening. This blog may be a little dump and go, but the dumping is important and flecked with real gold I tells ya. So, ‘Attempts On Her Life’ rehearsals are in full swing, we are slowly making our way through the text (which is like some sort of amazing abstracted instructional manual which has some of the most moving mono and duologues I’ve ever read in it). BUT you can go and read all about it on the ‘Attempts On Her Life’ blog. There’s a gallery, rehearsal report, sexy head shots. Really if you haven’t clicked on my hyper link yet you’re missing out. Also. BOOK TICKETS! In the past shows have sold out quickly so to avoid disappointment, get in there. Details are in the previous blog yo.

Also, some other exciting news for you. I am currently completing my Professional Placement at Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre, an amazing youth theatre company who work with talented young people dealing with a wide range of multi disciplinary arts practices. I am helping out with Arts Lab 2010. An amazing project which allows young artists (directors, actors, writers etc.) to develop a season of work under the mentorship of artistic professionals, already established in the industry. The guys develop their projects in three stages culminating in a season of theatre (opening 5th of November at Shopfront). I am Assistant Producing and operating for the shows as well as taking and editing publicity images and making a teaser. They have a blog HERE which you all need to go and visit. The opportunity, talent and work is amazing… And not to be missed.

The last thing that I need to remind you about is the Urban Myth Art Auction which will be taking place very soon. I am displaying three photos in the exhibition (see below for thumbnails) which feature as a triptych (‘The Moustachioed Series’ feat. the gorgeous Sophie Haylen and Jenna Hutton). If you have been invited… BUY MY STUFF! It’s for an excellent cause (raising funds for UMTOY’s up and coming production of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’) and I will probs end up throwing in some extra goodies like signed prints and stuff to entice y’all.

Ok. I think that’s it now. Please stamp all over this blog, comment, vandalise, discuss… I know it looks really pretty but I assure you its fingernails are dirty and it hasn’t had a wash in ages.

Til next time,

Tom x

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