Attempts On Her Life

Ok. So. New project. It’s a little while away yet but I thought I’d get harassing you with dates and such. I am going to be performing in and also designing the sound for Martin Crimp’s ‘Attempts On Her Life’ with the rest of the graduating class of 2010. This is our graduating show, which means, no more us, as a group I mean. This is sad but also means that we will be on fire and will generally blow your minds. So here ’tis:

Written by Martin Crimp

Directed, Designed, Performed & Produced by the Bachelor of Performance Graduating Company

Pilgrim Theatre
262 Pitt Street

Open dress: Thursday 16th December @ 2pm
Thursday 16th December @ 8pm
Friday 17th December @ 2pm
Friday 17th December @ 8pm
Saturday 18th December @ 2pm
Saturday 18th December @ 8pm

General Admission: $15
Bookings through AIM: 9219 5444
AADA & AIM Students & Staff: Free

Come and support the next wave of incredible Australian theatre makers. You won’t be disappointed.

Tom x

About T o m C h r i s t o p h e r s e n

Actor. Artist. Atrocity.
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